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Newbie needs help with getting students up and running!

Hi everyone! I am new to Duolingo and am blown away by its capabilities. I am struggling, however, with how to assign skills to my students that are at their level. I have assigned several "intermediate" skills to one of my students, but he says that on his screen it shows that he must pass other skills before he can progress to the ones I assigned. He is an intermediate student. Is it required that he pass all of the beginner skills before he is able to work on the intermediate ones I want him to work on? Thank you!

April 19, 2016



One option for this student is to take the placement test. This will allow the student to bypass skills they are already proficient in. However, this option is only available when a student first enter a course, before they do any of the beginning skills. One way to go back to that point though is to have the student reset their course here: http://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction (In grey it will say "Reset or remove languages" When they reset their course they will lose levels and total XP count on the scoreboard. Testing out of skills will award them XP and levels depending on how many skills they test out of.


Thank you! I tried to do that when they first started. I'm not sure what I did wrong because it seems like they still have all of the basic skills that they are required to complete, even after they did the placement test. I guess I could try having them reset their course and start over. Maybe I will do that myself (as a learner) so I can experience what they are seeing/viewing as a user.


Your students can test out of any skill. If they want to test out of several skills at once, they can use the checkpoints, by clicking on the yellow bars that say test out of 14 skills.

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