"A bear has a short tail."

Translation:Een beer heeft een korte staart.

April 19, 2016



I don't understand why kort was wrong and korte is needed for this sentence. Please explain.

November 24, 2017


I suppose "staart" is a de word, si it will be korte staart. If it was a het word, it would be kort because of the "een"

August 4, 2018


I have troubles knowing when to add the 'e' letter... kort... korte.... lang... lange...

December 2, 2017


When there is a noun with a definite article "de, het" you always add the "e". When there is the undefinite article "een" you don't add the "e" if the definite article of the noun is "het". For example: De korte staart. Een korte staart. But: Het leuke paard. Een leuk paard.

June 27, 2018


I still don't know when to use "hebt/heb" and when to use "heeft."

Help! :(

April 19, 2016

April 20, 2016


Heeft is for 3d person singular (hij/ze). Hebt is 2nd person (je) and heb is first person (ik).

October 1, 2018
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