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  5. "A car or a bike?"

"A car or a bike?"

Translation:Car neu beic?

April 19, 2016



Does anyone know if the 'n' in neu is like the 'll' in Llum? In Llum you shape an L but pronounce an H. Is the N shaped but an R pronounced?


The "n" should just be any standard "n" sound in English i.e at the start of "need" or "not". All consonants in Welsh only have one sound.


Thank you! It sounds like an R in the pronunciation for some reason and I was starting to get very confused.


Here, the /r/ sound is the end of the word car - the words are very much run together in this particular sound sample.

As EllisV says, the Welsh consonants have only one sound, as introduced in the course notes and discussions. The vowels are pretty straightforward, too. Welsh is by and large a phonetic language, with few complications in its pronunciation, very unlike English in that respect.


It should really be car neu feic, since neu causes soft mutation of immediately following nouns, verb-nouns and adjectives.


The word in the middle isn't getting pronounced neu but some other word


I have checked this on several devices and the pronunciation is correct - the trilled -r at the end of the car is distinct from the n- of neu, although there is no pause between the words.

The sentence is a zombie, though - deleted because of its error (no mutation of beic where one is required) but it won't go away - and awaiting a system bug fix by Duolingo.


Perhaps it's just on the app that a different word's pronounciation is still used in place of neu. I see the website doesn't have the same version.

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