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What's the difference between mener, amener, and emmener?

June 9, 2012



"mener" means "to lead".

"amener" and "emmener" are almost synonyms, and mean "to bring", "to take" somewhere. However, there are little differences beetween these 2 verbs, but it doesn't really matter here…

Finally, "amener", with the preposition "à" means "to lead somebody to do something".


If I “amene” my friend, I’m talking about picking her up on the way to where I am now; if I “emmene” her, I’m leaving and she’s coming with. But unfortunately, in real life, French and especially Québecois people use “amener” when they mean “emmener” (or “aporter”or “emporter”, which are the equivalents for small, inanimate “portable” things).

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