"Potrebbe essere via al momento."

Translation:He could be away at the moment.

4 years ago



In this case the best translation is the one provided by DL, because you are not talking with the person the sentence is talking about, you are talking with somenone else and you are saying to the latter that that person could be away at the moment. Hope it is clear

4 years ago

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why is it wrong to say "for the moment" insted of "at the moment"? Don't they have the same meaning?

3 years ago


I getting more and more annoyed by DL's refusal to accept the 2nd person formal "Could you be away at the moment" is a perfectly acceptable translation of "Potrebbe essere via al momento." and taught by Italian language schools throughout the civilised world. It's very difficult when one have been taught that this is the normal (and best) translation. I automatically think "You would" when seeing "Potrebbe", just as one should when one has learnt a language thoroughly.

4 years ago


Why is "It could be away at the moment" wrong?

4 years ago

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usually "it" in english means "something" that is not alive, so in this sentence "it" would not make sense. "he or she" referring to a person sounds better

4 years ago

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He could be away now ? Sounds a bit more functional

2 years ago


What's wrong with: he could be away currently.?

1 year ago
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