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  5. "Почему этот мужчина не спит?"

"Почему этот мужчина не спит?"

Translation:Why isn't this man sleeping?

April 20, 2016



Cause hes learning RUSSIAN!! :)


I'm asking this myself every night


"Why this man isn't sleeping" should be considered correct.


"Why isn't this man sleeping?" is the correct order for those words.


I too would like to know why "Why this man isn't sleeping" is incorrect.


In English, it is grammatically incorrect to tack a question word (who, what, why, when, where, how) at the beginning of a sentence and leave the rest of the sentence unaffected. (At this time I cannot think of an exception to this.)

In an interrogative sentence (a sentence which asks a question), the subject and the verb are inverted so that the verb comes first. See first example below. The only verb in that sentence is is. In the second example below (a declarative sentence), notice that are is a helping-verb to the verb asking, and they are next to each other. In the interrogative sentence, they are separated because the helping verb are and the subject you invert.

  • What is your name? (Interrogative)
  • Your name is Fred. (Declarative)
  • Why are you asking? (Interrogative)
  • You are asking because you want to know. (Declarative)


Because it sounds weird and is probably not correct when you just leave it "hanging" like that. In that form, it needs something to finish it. Example: " Why this man isn't sleeping, I have no idea." By itself, it needs to be "why isn't this man sleeping?".


Wrong. You probably meant "Why Isn't This Man Sleeping"....


Oh, I was confused for a second, I thought it said "Почему етот машина не спит" xP


Me too is the pronunciation ok


Isn't that a creepy pasta?


Ben Drowned never sleeps, only spreads


Why is it etot and not eta ?


While мужчина ends in а and therefore looks like a grammatically feminine word, it is actually a masculine word simply because it always and specifically refers to a male person, similar to папа. There are often a handful of exceptions like this in languages that use the gender system, where, if the gender of the person the word is referring to is obvious, then it trumps the grammatical gender.


Мне надо спать...уже двенадцать минут одиннадцатого (22:12).


Naah, it's not late at all unless you have to go to work in the morning


I'm assuming that you are not very familiar with English and are asking what the n't here means, sorry if your question was meant to ask something different.

n't is a very common way to shorten "not" in English. Isn't = is not, didn't = did not, wouldn't = would not, etc. This is called a contraction, it is a way to take a few letters out to shorten common phrases, and we use them a LOT in English. A few other common ones to remember are 's for is (it's = it is), 're for are (you're = you are), 'd for would (he'd = he would), and 've for have (would've = would have).


Actually, I think it's in reference to the mobile app for (at least) iOS. In the app, there is an exercise with a Russian sentence to translate, and tiles of English words to rearrange into the correct translation. I got this exact sentence while studying last night. For this sentence, one of the tiles is n't. I've had this happen before, where the contraction is treated as a separate tile. Overall, this is pretty rare; usually the tile says not instead. So you put together tiles of

Why || is || n't || this || man || sleeping

Not surprised if that is confusing for non-native English speakers; looks just plain funky to me. But I reckon that's what the OP referred to.


why not 'why this man is not sleeps'?

  • Why does this man not sleep?

  • Why is this man not sleeping?

  • Why isn’t this man sleeping?

These are three grammatically acceptable phrasings of the question.

When you use a “to be” conjugation (am, is, are, was, were) with another verb, the second verb is in a gerund form (this means it ends with “-ing”). I am sleeping, he is sleeping, they are sleeping, I/he was sleeping, they were sleeping.

Please also note the inversion of the first verb and the noun in this interrogative sentence. “Why is this man not sleeping?” If this were a statement rather than a question, it would be, “This man is not sleeping because (...).”


thanks you a lot!


You’re welcome, friend! We are all here to help each other learn. Thank you for the lingots. :) May I also offer this small correction? “Thanks a lot.”


"why this man does not sleep" is wrong for DL... does perfective/imperfective aspect have smtng to do with it?


When asking a question, the helping verb and noun are inverted.

Why does this man not sleep?

This man does not sleep because (...).

Duolingo rejected your response due to English grammar, and not because of Russian aspect.


Because your grammar is incorrect


This phrase order (in Russian) is equal in Portuguese, my mother language: Por que este homem não dorme? or Por que esse homem não está dormindo?


Потому что он вампир!


When do we use спать?


здесь порой и сам английский через жопу...


What is wrong in "Why this man does not sleep?"

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