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  5. "Zrób mi zdjęcie."

"Zrób mi zdjęcie."

Translation:Take a photo of me.

April 20, 2016



Does this sentence really have the same meaning as the default translation? So if someone says zrób mi zdjęcie, does this necessarily imply that the person who asks is in the picture?


It does not have to mean it, but in most contexts it implies it. Especially if that is a whole sentence.

This is exactly a sentence I would say to a friend who is on a trip with me, handing them a camera. It would mean "Take a photo of me."


Is "Take a picture for me" a possible interpretation?


In a context that makes it clear (while you're in Paris, take a photo of the Eiffel Tower for me), yes. So I guess it can be added.


What abot accepting "take me a photo"?


take my photo

take my picture


Some people claim that it's not correct, but to me it seems used widely enough and it's probably going to be accepted (again).


Count me among the native English speakers saying that "Take me a photo" sounds wrong, and so does "Take me a picture" (which was the suggested answer I was given). I don't believe I've ever heard people saying such things, and I'm not even sure whether they are supposed to mean "Take a picture of me" or "Take a picture for me", which may really mean distinct things (e.g. in the latter case, the picture may be of someone other than the speaker).


Is it just me, or can '(z)robić zdjęcia' also mean something... bad?


Unless these are some perverted photos, that's a perfectly normal sentence with no other meanings.

"zdjąć" literally means "to take off", so in a way you "take off a picture of something" - maybe you caught this nuance and got to "taking off clothes"? Just guessing.


Yes you're right. I thought about something a Polish friend told me once, think I got a little confused haha. Dziękuję! :D


Could you use "foto" for this sentence as well?


In Polish? In English?

In Polish, that could work in colloquial language, but I wouldn't accept it. In English, Wiktionary says "(uncommon, informal) Alternative spelling of photo", so kinda similar, it seems.


For the Polish sentence, yes.

It's just that in the English sentence, it says "Take a PHOTO of me," so I wasn't sure if "foto" could work just as well as "zdjęcie." If the phrase is idiomatic in Polish I cannot argue. Thank you.


There is "fotografia", which sounds more formal, but somehow "Zrób mi fotografię" sounds pretty strange to me.



Here too, I hear "... zwięcie?" (female voice, full sentence and single word).


What can I say, sounds good to me... I mean, more like "zdjeńcie", but it's hard to complain about such a pronunciation, it can easily sound like that in real, not-super-careful speech.

Statistically, I probably answer "sounds fine to me" to 90% of such comments... but sometimes I do hear the problem.


Czy może być: Take me photo?


Nie, bez przedimka (a) to niegramatyczne.


Whats the different between 'zdjęcie' and 'fotographia' ?


It's "fotografia" in Polish.

"fotografia" surely works for "photography" as the art. About "a photography" (a single one you take, like in this sentence), I would consider it a valid but strangely formal word. "Zrób mi fotografię" would sound kinda pompous to my ear.

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