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  5. "Who's going to wake him now?"

"Who's going to wake him now?"

Translation:Pwy sy am ei ddihuno fe nawr?

April 20, 2016



Is it wrong to translate this as 'pwy sy'n mynd am ei ddihuno fe nawr'? I was trying to express the 'going to' element of the English


That would be wrong, sorry, but a good try! It is best not to expect an exact one-to-one match between English and Welsh wording, as the two languages have quite different basic structures.

am in this structure comes with a couple of potential meanings, sometimes 'wanting/intending to' and sometimes 'going to'. mynd could also be used, but followed by the preposition i.

  • Dw i am ei ddihuno - 'I am going to wake him' or 'I want/am wanting to wake him
  • Dw i'n mynd i'w ddihuno or Dw i'n mynd i ddihuno fe - I am going to wake him (this may be used with a sense of movement towards the place where I will wake him)
  • Bydda i'n ei ddihuno or Bydda i'n dihuno fe - I will wake him


Thank you - I hadn't come across this use/meaning of the word 'am' so your explanation makes perfect sense. I had previously come across the use of 'mynd' to express the sense of near future ('going to') so this is what led me down the wrong path. Your answer is much appreciated.

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