"Kartka papieru"

Translation:A sheet of paper

April 20, 2016

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What form of papier is papieru?


genitive. The most obvious use of genitive is "of something" or "someone's", but it is also used after certain verbs and prepositions, often with numerals, and in most negative sentences.


We really need some guidance on declensions! I thought I may have cracked it by cheating and looking up noun declensions on wiki, but the tables shown as templates there are totally different from what is in use here!!


What exactly is different? The English Wiktionary table for "papier" is correct.


I looked general guidance on noun declension and there was a set of tables, but the endings don't match, and some of the words are also different (e.g. dziewczyna, chłopak instead of chłopiec). Oh, confusion! Probably serves me right!


General guidance may be... too general. One learner recently found a mistake in Wiktionary tables, caused by something wrong in templates. Better to check specific words, I guess (although of course true, some generalization is very useful).

If you haven't seen it yet, this website maybe has some small mistakes sometimes, but it generally is pretty awesome: http://mowicpopolsku.com/

"dziewczyna" and "chłopak" are the more 'adult' versions for "girl" and "boy".


generally in English we would no longer say a "sheet" of paper but a "piece" of paper. Are there two separate words for sheet and piece in Polish in this context?


Well, in (my) English I would say that a "sheet" of paper is something that maybe you get out of a pack of A4 or legal paper, whereas a "piece" might be a torn/cut off fragment of a "sheet". I think that such a piece would be "kawałek papieru".

EDIT: In some variants of English (e.g., USA), it is understood that "piece" can be my (UK) "sheet", and indeed, Duo accepts either.


How would you say a paper card (like an index, business or greeting card)?


Index card: karta katalogowa fiszka

Business card: wizytówka

Greeting card: kartka z życzeniami kartka okolicznościowa

(Translations from English-Polish Dictionary by Dictamp)

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