"I do not like this magazine."

Translation:Nie lubię tego czasopisma.

April 20, 2016

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Why is it tego instead of to?



When verb is negated accusative changes to genitive.


I often see word "magazyn" for "magazine". Maybe "czasopismo" is slightly old?


Well, the first meaning of "magazyn" is a warehouse, so "czasopismo" seems better to me as it's at least unambiguous. I feel like 'magazyn' is a bit old-fashioned, but frankly, it's just hard to say.


I know about another meaning "warehouse", but living in Poland and often see "magazyn" on covers of magazines :) I like that word more than czasopismo and Pani from kiosks understand me, that's good :))


I have also heard that in Poland, 'gazeta' is often used to describe a magazine or 'magazyn' is used but almost never, 'czasopismo'.

Does anyone find this to be true?


"magazyn" works, "gazeta" is used sometimes but it's a wrong word. True, I don't hear "czasopismo" too often. Nor "magazyn". Mainly because you just talk about specific titles usually...


Why not "czasopismo"?


"czasopismo" is either Nominative ("To czasopismo jest drogie" = "This magazine is expensive") or Accusative ("Lubię to czasopismo" = "I like this magazine").

Here, the verb "lubić", which takes a direct object in Accusative, is negated. Whenever a verb that takes Accusative is negated, it takes Genitive ("czasopisma") instead. Other cases stay unchanged when negated.


My Polish polish-teacher said magazyn and so do the study book. .... and my Polish sister-in-law. I was confused, though, that the only option with magazyn used lubisz and not lubię... This was a tricky exercise


We accept "magazyn" indeed, but we don't teach it. Those "choose 1 of the 3 answers" exercises sometimes use a word from the accepted answers (a word that the learners aren't expected to know) but there's always a mistake somewhere else in the sentence.

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