"Dych chi'n gwisgo siwmper?"

Translation:Are you wearing a jumper?

April 20, 2016

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OK, dorky American here. Is there a difference between jumper and sweater across the pond? We don't say jumper for clothing... only hippity hopping.


A jumper is a pullover-type sweater, not a cardigan-type sweater.


Dim problem! jumper = sweater


I was wondering that too because what my mom called a jumper growing up isn't a sweater but a sort of one piece thing like overalls only with a skirt instead of pants or shorts...all one piece though and made of cloth not jean material.


A pinafore dress, I think I'd call that - growing up in the british midlands. I never knew it was a 'jumper' elsewhere. Where was your mum from?


Yeah, to an American, a jumper is indeed a type of dress, much like a pinafore, sleeveless and worn over a blouse or t-shirt.

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