"Die Freundin"

Translation:The friend

January 23, 2013

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Die Freundin means girlfriend but here there is not the right option instead there is friend


"Freundin" can mean both 'girlfriend' and 'female friend' depending on context.


Could you call your female friend a Freund, or do you have to use Freundin?


How can you make it clear in context which one you mean?


I believe to say "my girlfriend" you say "meine Freundin" and for "my (female) friend" you would say "eine Freundin von mir" Im not be 100% sure though.


I think that's correct, but i think it's more common to simply say "eine Freundin" ( a friend )


I saw other comments about this and they said that Freundin usually means "girlfriend" not "girl friend"


how do you call a girl fiend then?


Its easier when you dont have friends


What would be the plurial of Die Freundin? Die Freundine?


Die Freundinnen.


How do you say "the boyfriends?" Freunden?


I translated "Meine Freunde" to "my boyfriend" and it was marked wrong :(. Actually, it was Meine Freunde sind alt, so the plural of Freund is the same as boyfriend?


the plural of Freund is the same as boyfriend?

That makes no sense.

Freund is a German word. Its plural is Freunde.

"boyfriend" is an English word. Its plural is "boyfriends".

Those plurals are not the same.

Freund in German can mean either "friend" or "boyfriend". When you say mein Freund, it almost always means "my boyfriend", because possessive + singular implies that there is only one person whom the label mein Freund matches -- and since people often have more than one friend but generally just one boyfriend/girlfriend at a time, people will understand mein Freund as "my boyfriend".

Conversely, in the plural, meine Freunde will usually be understood as "my friends" rather than "my boyfriends" -- again, because most people don't have more than one boyfriend at once.


Is there any context in which "mein freund" will clearly, or mostly, be understood as "my friend" rather than "my boyfriend."?

What if I want to address a friend directly? Would it be okay to say "mein freund" since both parties know they are just friends? For example: "Mein Freund, wie geht's dir?"

Thanks in advance :)


For example: "Mein Freund, wie geht's dir?"


(And the capitalisation of Freund is necessary.)


There was another question like this one. Its says "Die Freundin". I tick both "the friend' and 'the girlfriend' and it was the wrong answer. For this question I ticked only 'the girlfriend' and I was wrong again.

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    die Freundin. I suppose it could mean friend in a wider context, but so far Freundin has been used exclusively as girlfriend, I think they moved the goalposts.


    On ya! Best phrase in the German language!

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