"Zwiedzamy miasto z przewodnikiem."

Translation:We are touring the city with a guide.

April 20, 2016

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"Zwiedzamy miasto" probably translates to just plain "sightseeing." In English, we don't "sightsee a city." It is possible, though, to go "sightseeing in the city," or "sightseeing around town."


Both of the acceptable translations sound very awkward in English. I would never say I am sightseeing a city, nor would I say I am going sightseeing the city.


Yeah sightseeing is just not a transitive verb in English at least according to my gut sense. "...sightseeing in a city with a guide" sounds fine


Sightseeing is one of a class of English verbs that have two characteristics. First, they are intransitive because they already contain their object within the verb, and second, they always have an equivalent expression with the verb and object "unpacked". Other examples are: lovemaking, doorknocking, soothsaying, breakfasting, plus plenty of others. In each case, the verb doesn't take an object (lovemaking the bed would be bizarre), but it can be unpacked. So, one can say "they were breakfasting" or "they were breaking their fast". So, with sightseeing, the pattern is: they were sightseeing in the town, or they were seeing the sights in the town.


My dictionary puts zwiedzać as being "To explore or visit", both of which sound much more natural in english than treating "sightsee" as a verb. We are exploring the city with a guidebook. You might in english also say, We are going sightseeing IN the city with a guidebook.


Added "exploring".

We are aware that this sentence is problematic to translate, but we have to teach it somehow, even if it means not necessarily sounding natural in English.


I don't think there's a problem in translation, if there is an exact equivalence of meaning. Rather that the English verb "sightsee" has to have "in the city" to be correct grammatically, rather than the exact Polish equivalent. If there's a lesson here, it's that sometimes between languages, it's impossible to get exact grammatical equivalence, but it is still possible to get exact equivalence of meaning. In this case if the Polish sentence describes someone going through the old town with a guide, and looking at the sights, then "sightseeing in the old town..." is the exact equivalent of the Polish.


I would never use "sightseeing" with a direct object. That never occurs in UK English. Maybe it does in US.


No, it doesn't.


Hmmm, I tried to answer, "We are SEEING the city with a guide". Again, because as @va-diim already stated, we don't "sightsee a city"


Ah, forgot to say, "seeing" was not accepted


Is "przewodnik" a guide (person) or a guide (book)? The translate from word to picture at the beginning of the lesson showed a book, but it doesn't accept "guidebook" as a valid translation.


It is both, although I'd definitely expect the sentence to have a person in mind. But I wouldn't say that your version is wrong.


Yeah, technically it could be a guidebook, so we accept both now.


Agreeing with some people above, I really don't think that "sightseeing the city" is a correct form ("in" is required). People from all sorts of language backgrounds speak English and so it may be emerging in some places as an acceptable form, but I don't think any English grammarian would say that it's correct yet.


Town is not accepted as a translation of miasto. Could this be added for learners from England? The centre of Krakow is the old town, for example.


It is, it should have worked.

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    The translation comes off awkward in English.


    "Sightseeing the city" is redundant! Years later, "sightseeing" is still not accepted without the object "the city" following it. If any language understand redundancy, it's Polish omitting all the pronouns!


    Are there no sights outside of cities?


    That's the point. Nobody says "we're going sightseeing the city." We'd say "we're going sightseeing."


    I know that the translations of this sentence are far from perfect because it just doesn't translate very easily, but I have a problem with the idea of omitting "the city"... that is a really big change in the sentence - without it, maybe we are in a village, maybe we are just talking about one particular big building, like a cathedral?


    Oops! I meant "sightseeing" is not accepted without "in the city."


    There's a small issue with consistency between the two sentences in this lesson that use "zwiedzać". Others pointed out the translation issue already. But for the sake of consistency, if you're going to translate "Zwiedzam stare miasto" as "I am sightseeing in the old town", then you should either change the accepted English translation for that sentence (using the transitive verbs suggested - such as, "We are touring the old city"), or adjust this one to accept "We are sightseeing in the city with a guide." Cheers!


    Good call - 'I am sightseeing' has now been added as an accepted alternative translation.


    "we are visiting the town with a guide" is not accepted


    Ok, let's add it.

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