"They raise children."

Translation:One wychowują dzieci.

April 20, 2016

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Come on...

Oni wychowuja dzieci is wrong?


Yes, it's wrong because it's the singular third person perspective. The ą at the end means plural third person perspective.


why is "oni wychowują dzieci" wrong? Is this a sexist app?


Perhaps you had a typo somewhere, because "Oni wychowują dzieci" is an accepted answer, but until a moment ago "One wychowują dzieci" was the only starred answer. So any mistake would get you corrected to the starred answer.

About the (potential) sexist part... do you mean that rejecting this answer would ignore gay couples? Rejecting this answer would first of all ignore heterosexual couples, because a couple consisiting of a man and a woman is undoubtedly "oni".

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