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  5. "Mężczyźni czytają menu."

"Mężczyźni czytają menu."

Translation:The men are reading the menu.

April 20, 2016



This is the second time in this lesson the audio for "menu" sounds like "meni". Is that wrong, or is there some rule I'm missing?


It is French-like pronunciation and it should sound like that.


Hm, a bit strange to me as in French it's actually like "menü" and not "meni"


Well, seems that our nation's French isn't that great. That's why mihxal called it "French-like" :D


lol, ok, I see. Will just have to memorize it :)


The sound is clearly closer to Polish "i" rather than "u": https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/menu#French


Somewhat true. But the sound I actually was talking about is not an "u" but rather like the German "ü". In German the word "Menü" is pronounced same as in French. The transcription on your link denotes it as [məny]. It's the same sound as in other French words like "tu", "rue", "avenue", "unique" etc.


Like in the word "fünf"? I don't think so. They sound very different to me and I wouldn't say that they are the same sound.

The German "ü" is transcribed as /ʏ/ and sounds more like Polish "y", whereas in French "menu" there is /y/ sound which is more similar to Polish "i".


Yes, in principle like in "fünf". To me "ü" and Polish "y" (Russian "ы") are totally different :) In your last link for /y/ the text says: "Across many languages, it is most commonly represented orthographically as ⟨ü⟩ (in German, Turkish and Basque)" And if you scroll down on the page, there is an example in German: "über". That's exactly that sound.

And just to clarify: I have no problem with the fact that Polish pronounces the word a bit differently than one would expect it. Never mind! :-)


There are two different sounds for the German ü:

The short one like in "fünf" and "füllen"

and the long one like in "über" and "führen". This one also appears in "Menü" and is the same sound as the French u.

The sound that equals the Polish y in German is a short e like in "genug" or a short i like in "ist".

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