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  5. "Ga i siocled?"

"Ga i siocled?"

Translation:May I have a chocolate?

April 20, 2016



Shouldn't it be "ga i gael siocled?"?


In this usage ga i ...? means 'may I...?' or 'may I have...?', and it is a verb based on the verb-noun cael. Cael means 'having, being allowed, getting', among other things. To have cael itself in there as well would be superfluous.

  • Ga i siocled? - May I have some chocolate?
  • Ga i ddŵr? - May I have some water?
  • Gaiff Siân goffi? - Can Siân have a/some coffee?
  • Ga i agor y ffenestr? - May I open the window?


I think I was confusing "ga i" with "gall i"

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