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  5. "Bore dydd Sadwrn"

"Bore dydd Sadwrn"

Translation:Saturday morning

April 20, 2016



... jumped out of bed~ put on my best suit~


How can we know the words you never explained, this is very common in the program. Why don't you add a keyboard for every language within the program,sometimes it is really hard to find a keyboard for the language at hand.other than that, I love the program.


The days should be far further down the course so I can actually learn some basic welsh instead of being uselessly cramed with irrelevant information that sets me back weeks


If you were to answer a question, for example, when are we meeting? And the answer is just Saturday, would you say dydd Satwrn or just Satwrn?

  • 2013

It's always dydd Sadwrn never Sadwrn on its own, because Sadwrn on its own is the planet Saturn.


I got it wrong by putting 'bore dydd Sadwrn' but it says it's correct here. A bit inconsistent.

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