"Morgan, dych chi'n hoffi coffi?"

Translation:Morgan, do you like coffee?

April 21, 2016

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Weird pronounciation of coffee here

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This is just an artefact of the 'text to speech' synthesis probably generated by the contracted 'dych chi' at the beginning.

The Ivona voices are still around on the web, here is the latest incarnation:- http://www.readspeaker.com/

The full sentence for the above 'Ydych chi'n hoffi coffi' gives the correct pronunciation for coffi.


I will say that I don't find the repeated sentences where you just switch the names particularly useful. It makes this whole program feel a bit bloated. If we want more practice in a certain area, we'll redo the section, we don't need the redundancy.


We have made changes in the structure of this part of the course in the new version. This is in initial testing at the moment.


Yes, I know the course isn't complete. Just giving feedback, sorry if the tone seemed overly harsh. Keep up the good work, I've been enjoying learning Welsh greatly!


Just to clarify - this current live version of the course is complete and cannot be modified except in limited fashion, as its structure and range of vocabulary is fixed. We do recognise the repetitive nature of some sections.

The new version of the course has an extended and rather more flexible vocabulary, and it has a new structure in many areas. Unfortunately we do not know the timetable for its introduction by Duo - we are waiting for more information.


Great, I look forward to trying it out! Thanks to you and your team for your hard work!

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