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Your weekly progress is back!

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We want to apologize that the site has been slower than usual the last two days. Our database hardware degraded and we had to disable features (such as your weekly progress) on the website and in the apps to keep Duolingo up and running. Your data wasn't in danger of being lost, and as a result of this performance problem, we rewrote a core part of our code so that Duolingo runs smoother from here on out.

Thanks for your patience and dedication to Duolingo!

January 15, 2014



Yay! Thank you Duo staff for all of your hard work!


Ah, databases. They have a mind of their own, don't they?


Great work -- especially finding a way to degrade gracefully and allow us to continue to have fun and learn. Fixing the problem is good, keeping essential functions up at the same time is superb, and rare. Many thanks!


Many thanks for all your hard work! Quick question, did some of the things you disable include the ability to correct your mistakes to get half a heart back? If so, will this be added back?


EDITED: We are retesting half hearts but unsure if they will make it back. We are discussing this internally.


Just another "pro half hearts" vote from here...


Whew, thank you so much!


Thank you! I have been using Duolingo for Italian for the past few months and it has been the only language tool I have ever been able to stick with. I love being able to correct my mistakes. It really helps me learn how prepositions work (my biggest downfall with any language). Please reinstate it soon. Please!


I vote for half hearts!


I have to also throw in one for the half hearts. What was cool about it was it cause me to check my answer by reading through the discussion on that sentence. It made me think more thoroughly about why exactly I got that question wrong, and I often learned other lessons there too. I personally think it encourages more community involvement. Regardless of what you decide though, thanks for all the work you put into this, I appreciate your time!


I am really happy to hear that.


you can [could] do that? wow. bet that woulda saved me some time :)


My weekly progress is the lowest during that 2 days. Lolx


Does that mean that the corrections for half-a-heart are going to come back?? :D !!!!!!!


It does run much faster :D you guys are awesome! Du bist wirklich toll Duolingo Mannschaft!


Thank you guys for the feedback and all the hard work!


Many thanks for your hard work. Apreciamos su trabajo duro...et votre travail, et laborem vestum (?!) Etc!


Phew, my one day streak was in jeopardy!


it's a good thing that it was saved, otherwise it would have taken a loooooooong time to recover it!


Thank you very much for informing me about the reason for the slowdown. Actuallly, (blush) I had complained about that, but I actually thought that it was MY computer, but maybe I needed to clear some memory. Now I feel better, and appreciate your explaining the situation.

I AM LOVING DUOLINGO, I have been working on Spanish for years, and I have made more progress in these 3 weeks, than every before!!




Thanks, hardworking staff!


I think "We need to add an index" and "The index needs to be defragmented" should be added to the sentence stockpile. ;-)


You guys are awesome!! You can expect to see my job application in 2 years! By then I'll have at least 1.5 foreign languages under my belt. ;)


Hello, I lost my ~20-day streak because the phone app kept crashing. T_T


Merci, bren and to all the Duo staff members. :-)


thank you for the hard work


My heart skipped a beat yesterday when I discovered about the bug


muchisimas gracias!!

[deactivated user]

    Gracias y Thank You


    How do I find the weekly progress? More specifically I want to be able to see the line graph that pops up after every time I complete a lesson. I can see it on the app, but not on the website.


    On your home screen, where you have your tree in the middle and your points, lingots and word count on the right, it's just above the points, lingots and word count. You have to click on the Weekly progress -bit, to the right of the name of the language you are learning.


    Thanks !! as always the best ;)


    Thanks for all your hard work -- merci


    Hi, Bren. Thank you for this. Are we any further forward with the upload problems in immersion and the failure of votes to register? I'm still struggling to upload articles and still have articles showing as having been uploaded that produce 404 errors when I try to view them.

    And could we have 'Your edits' back, please.


    oooh thank you love so much this website


    There's always something like that.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks a lot for your work!


      Thanks for fixing the problem- you guys rock!


      Wow, I'm surprised of your levels in different languages, How long did you take to learn all those languages??? and How many hours do you study a day?

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      Thank you for your efforts!


      Thank you! For me, there was one of the best sites for language learning.


      Muchas gracias Duolingo! :)


      I didn´t notice any changes at all, for better or worse, is it because I maninly use the iphone app?


      thanks for the good updates!


      Thank you! It's very interesting to follow one's progress on a day to day basis.


      Thanks for fixing that. I've noticed it speeding up lately.


      no progress lost


      Definitely a good news. I am a last minute person, so as usual I learnt late on Wednesday night and almost loose one day of learning due to slow connection. Glad to hear that it's okay now. Thank you so much, Duolingo!


      You should have a section where I can access ALL my history. XP earned from the very beggining


      hey guys, im kinda new to this, how do u get streaks and things?


      Streaks are the number of consecutive days you've practicing your language. En tu caso, el español.


      hey thx for ur help 8D


      Well, it looks as if no points were recorded for me for German on Tuesday, but the Spanish was! I practised both languages that day.


      Thank You Kind people. That gives me an answer to that problem.


      Thanks for the fix :)

      [deactivated user]

        Muchas Gracias and Many Thanks to the DuoLingo team for all the work and effort you put into this project!


        Thanks for creating this website and putting all of your work into it. You guys also had a lot of great updates on the app. The best part is...this app is completely free


        i love your piture


        Thank you Isaiah!!! Hope you enjoy your lessons with duolingo!!!!


        Thanks for bringing this back! Can this feature be added to the app as well? I'd love to be able to see it easily in the same place where I do most of my Duolingo learning! Thanks for all your hard work!


        Thank you for keeping us up and running, ANNND THANK YOU for allowing us to look at previous day numbers, not just the chart of progress. I like to track the numbers, and sometimes I hit midnight before I look, and it's too late to get the number.


        @bren I think the progress report is generating wrong numbers, or something is wrong in the metrics. Scholar Achievement is telling me 700+ words Words list is telling me 470+ words And progress is telling me 200+ words. These don't make sense though.

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