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  5. "Es nuestra capa militar."

"Es nuestra capa militar."

Translation:It is our military cape.

January 23, 2013



Well this is a sentence we are all sooooo likely to use on a daily basis...

March 13, 2013


How are 'layer' and 'cape' the same meaning for the word 'capa' ??

January 23, 2013


many words have unrelated meanings (like band can mean a strip of cloth or something, or a musical group, etc). But if it helps, a "cape" is an outer layer of clothing, so it's possible the meanings are actually related. Like when someone says to put on another layer of clothing. Once upon a time that layer would have been a cape : )

February 25, 2013


Great explanation! None come to mind right now, but in english we also have many words that have two unrelated meanings.

April 18, 2013


"it is our military cape" ? on no level does that make sense to me!

April 19, 2013
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