"Es nuestra capa militar."

Translation:It is our military cape.

5 years ago



Well this is a sentence we are all sooooo likely to use on a daily basis...

5 years ago


How are 'layer' and 'cape' the same meaning for the word 'capa' ??

5 years ago


many words have unrelated meanings (like band can mean a strip of cloth or something, or a musical group, etc). But if it helps, a "cape" is an outer layer of clothing, so it's possible the meanings are actually related. Like when someone says to put on another layer of clothing. Once upon a time that layer would have been a cape : )

5 years ago


Great explanation! None come to mind right now, but in english we also have many words that have two unrelated meanings.

5 years ago


"it is our military cape" ? on no level does that make sense to me!

5 years ago
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