"Careful, the trees!"

Translation:Achtung, die Bäume!

January 23, 2013

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but... but... YOU suggested 'sorgfältig', and then said it was WRONG?? and this word has not been pre-taght!


Achtung was pretaught for me, but your right, it did suggest sorgfaltig and then say it was wrong.


i suggested sorfaltig and it was right :D


It taught me Achtung and got it right


sorgfältig is wrong in this context. Sorgfältig would be used with something like "He carefully folded the clothes", or some other task where you have to be really thorough and pay attention to every little detail. In this case however, it's an exclamation: "Careful, the trees!" suggests that you want the other guy to watch where he's going/driving, because there are trees everywhere and he's kinda reckless. In this context, "Achtung", "Pass auf" or "Vorsicht" would be what you might say. But definitely not "Sorgfältig".

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    "Vorsicht, die Baeume": is the better translation here. IMHO 'Careful' implies, to be careful on your way through the woods, the trees are getting closer and closer and you are being warned to avoid them.

    Whereas "Achtung!" means attention, pay more attention on how you are driving, you are coming very close to the trees!

    It is nearly the same, but not the same!

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      Could 'Pass auf' also work here? Just curious.


      It is a good translation and duolingo also accepts it here.

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        Vielen dank!


        Pass auf die Bäume!


        "George, watch out for that tree!" -"George of the Jungle" the movie


        Takes me back - wonderful stupid movie, have some lingots.


        Achtung, die Bäume... Sie sprechen Vietnamesisch!


        In this context, sorgfältig is definitely wrong. In this case, the exclamation represents a warning, it is therefore always achtung.

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