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Using Duolingo in My Classroom

I have put together a page where I talk about how I have been using Duolingo in my class this past year. Here is the link:


April 21, 2016



This is absolutely brilliant, thank you so much for sharing this! We have just started implementing Duolingo in my EFL class because the students were playing it during their free time and were ASKING to use it.

How frequently do you use it for class? Is it daily or only on certain days? Do your students have a time limit for using it? Just trying to get more feedback about what has worked for other teachers so far (:


I use it daily in class. I will spend the first 20-30 minutes on the Class activities (we have 75-minute classes). Then the rest of the time is given to the students to be working on the exercises and to come to me to pass the worksheet off. I do have due dates for the exercises, but I allow them to complete the exercises even if they are late (no points docked).

I love having questions. It helps me to processes information better.


Thank you for this suggestion. I encouraged note-taking, but only a few students did it. This approach makes it necessary, and really solidifies the learning! By the way, the "circle activities" in the tree are called "skills" in Duolingo jargon.


Pbhanney, what do you do when a lot of students need to tell you their sentences and conversations all at one time? Do you just have them wait in a line?


I hate it when students stand in line to pass things off. Usually they are just standing there talking in English with each other and not learning anything. So, at the beginning of this year I had to establish that I do not accept lines. If they need to wait, they should be working on Duolingo or on another sheet so they are ready for that one. At the beginning I had to announce when I was done with a student or pair of students. Usually there would be some running to get to me. However, as the year has gone on I have had less and less of this. It does happen still, but they know that I do not allow lines. There are times that I see students "working" with each other, when in all reality they are waiting in a non-existent line. If I catch onto this, I usually will stop what I am doing and have them return to their assigned seat to work on something while they wait.


How about having them sign up on the board when they are ready? Then they can be working at their seats and when you are ready for the next student or pair, you call them and erase their name from the board.


Very interesting! Looking forward to your Class Activities link.


I really like your approach! This seems a great way to get learners to really engage with the material rather than zipping through it as fast as they can. Thanks for sharing!


This is a nice approach! How old are your students?


I teach 7-9 graders (12-15 years old).


This looks good to me. I am going all Duolingo until the end of the school year, and will be experimenting with it until then.


I really like the organization. I have required all of my students to earn a designated number of XP each week. It is marked as a weekly homework assignment in my grade book. The problem I have encountered is that I have many students who will keep redoing the same activities to earn the XP as fast and as easily as possible. Requiring them to follow your format should stop that issue. Thank you for sharing!


Hi there - thank you for sharing this resource! Would you be willing to share the Google Spreadsheet and forms that you use with students during the "Class Activities" as well? Gracias!!!


I was also interested in that, but I'm afraid pbhanney is no longer active on Duolingo. :(

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