Streak erased!

My Spanish learning streak was reset to 1 day streak this morning, when I certainly did not skip yesterday. Is it a big with the app on the phone?

January 16, 2014


Your streak resets based on the time zone that you set your account up in.

Is there a way to update my timezone?

Was there a response? I don't recall setting a time zone when I set up my account and twice now I've lost my streak when it passed 11:00 pm here. I sometimes can't get to my computer until then (and I always have time to use the app) so I want to be able to retain my streak FAIRLY when I've done the work ON THAT DATE.

I don't know if this ever was addressed. There was plenty of discussion on the forum about it so I'm sure they're aware of the issue (which I think is reasonably common since plenty of people, like me, are on here because they travel between different countries for work). I think a working solution is that when your reset your timezone you lose your "credit" for the day, so you have to reach your XP goal between the time you reset the timezone and midnight in the new timezone. To prevent abuse, reaching this goal would not give you a day towards your streak.

So is there a way to reset the timezone or is that just a solution you wish they would offer? I can't seem to find a way to do that.

That's just my wish (unless they fixed it recently).

My streak updates in the afternoon sometime? How can we set the timezone?

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