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Basics-1 Discussion

What are your thoughts on this new language?

April 21, 2016



She is me, I am you... It seems strange. Difficult language, but it's interesting.


Hello. I'm glad that you think Vietnamese is interesting. Sorry for the silly sentences, but it's Basic-1, we cannot teach learners more complicated words. "She", "He", "You", "I" are the most basic. Thus, the sentences are just for you to get used to the Vietnamese keyboard, the pronunciation, sentence structure, and remember these fundamental words! The sentences will get more creative, diverse and useful more in next skills! Keep up the good work!


Oh the spelling and remembering all the accent marks is way too hard for me xD, I can not even remember how to say anything after 10 seconds because of the way all the words jumble xD


I feel like this is a really hard language to learn because this is a tonal language and the written form needs accent marks (and lots of them!). But with any language, practice is key.


There are a lot of places with missing audio, but it is very fun.


Thank goodness they start off with the most basic essential words like 'ferris wheel' and 'bat'. I can't imagine ever having to have a conversation in Vietnamese without mentioning my ferris wheel full of bats.


The next time I order Bánh mì chay (I have a bit of an addiction to them) I may have to ask about that.


The ferris wheel is the new hovercraft...


I just tried some for fun and I have never tried a tonal language before so I though why not. It seems to be very hard! I can't remember a single word haha. It seems like an interesting language but when I go back to school I will not have time for it so I will just do lessons here and there. However, I wish everyone who is eager to learn the langauge the best of luck. The tips and notes are very helpful and good so far which makes things a bit easier.


I think that this language has some words that seem amazing for who speaks certain languages: tôi means me (cf. French toi), and táo means apple (cf. Chinese táo, peach).


For apple, "táo" is actually a "formal" form. Where I grew up in the south, we call it "bom", evidently taken from "pomme". During the making of this course, I encountered a lot of words from both Chinese and French origins.


Very cool. Bánh mì was easy :)


The sentences are a bit weird.

"You are me." I think the intention here might have been "You and me."

The order is a bit off as well. "The man" was introduced before "man."


Every language I've taken has had weird basic sentences. It's duo's trademark.


French has weird sentences, but "you are me" is not logical. I can't think of a single situation where you can use it. "If you were me," now that's valid.


When my future-self visits me, I would say that. But anyways, these sentences aim to help learners to understand Vietnamese basic sentence structure and subject/object pronouns.


Maybe you are discussing films:


Maybe you are talking about music:



Just because you personally don't use it does not make it invalid.


Does anybody know when the Words tab comes up


I didn't really have an interest in learning it, but I decided to do the first lesson out of curiosity. Vietnamese is nothing like I've ever seen before: its actually kinda hard! I think I'm done for now. (I'm busy with school anyway.) I might come back to it at a later time.


An interesting language...I think that.

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