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Welcome Vietnamese!

Although it's a little late, I am so happy to have the Vietnamese course!

April 21, 2016



I can't access all my courses anymore, the list is too long for the screen


Me too. I just put a link to the courses on my bookmarks bar.



I was wondering me about how do you feel with those languages leveled at 25 and 24. Are you really proficient on them? In a travel to France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia... Could you effectively make yourself understood by native speakers?

And what about others, as Irish, Welsh and Vietnamese?



You seem to have tried every language course (for English speakers) there is on Duolingo, except for the Dutch one. I'm just curious, but may I ask why?


I have nothing against Dutch and have always been planning to take it at some point. At first when there were less languages I was only adding new ones when I was good enough with the others but then they added more and more and I just kind of forgot about it. Thank you for reminding me about Dutch


No problem, it just surprised me that you are level 22 in German, 20 in Norwegian, 19 in Sweden and 15 in Danish, and you haven't even tried Dutch yet, because with so much experience in these related languages, Dutch should be tremendously easy for you. If you ever try it, you'll know what I'm talking about.


Dutch not exactly related to Norwegian, swedish and Danish though :') Though I do find Norwegian Swedish and danish easy, Dutch is a germanic language related to german and english. The scandinavian languages are a different language family.


Hi PotatoSanta, I see you reached level 25 in Vietnamese. Did you start as an absolute beginner? I am starting from word one. Have you found that you can speak to and understand native speakers? Did you study using other learning methods as well such as watching Vietnamese television? I just noticed Edwin's post/question. I hope I am not asking you to repeat an answer!


My first tonal and Australasian language!


I love the sense of humor this course brings...just for an example, a series of sentences about living in a yellow submarine! I come across these types of things, and it brings a smile to my face, in the midst of the frustration that is learning this language! THANK YOU for offering this course, it is great! (although I must say it can be very puzzling sometimes!)


Hi CelesteSon if you need some help with your Vietnamese, I can help you, I am native South Vietnamese.


Hello, Mong.Tien. I just started learning Vietnamese in July. I would love help with Vietnamese, if you are still interested. My daughter's best friend is Vietnamese-American. Her friend's parents do not speak English. So I am trying very hard to become conversational.


Yay! I love this course.


I’m Vietnamese American so I have to get good at my own language lol


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