"Anh ấy ăn táo."

Translation:He eats an apple.

April 21, 2016



So, Vietnamese has no articles?

April 21, 2016


My Vietnamese parents would usually add the trái, which means fruit, in front of any fruit name. In this case, it would be trái táo. It depends on the word, I think.

April 21, 2016


Hello Fensui! "Quả" and "trái" are classifiers for fruits and you can use them interchangeable. Maybe your parents come from southern part because "quả" is used commonly in Northern dialect while "trái" is used in Southern dialect instead. So quả táo and trái táo are the same.

April 22, 2016


Darned auto correct! got all of it wrong, just because of auto correct!

March 26, 2019


As I'm understanding, người can be used as the definite article, however there's no indefinite article in informal Vietnamese, you could use "một" to enphasize. I could be wrong, please somebody, if I'm wrong, correct me :D

April 21, 2016


You are right about the word "một". But "người" is actually a classifier for humans as in "người đàn ông" (the man), "người phụ nữ" (the woman), "người đầu bếp" (the chef), "người ca sĩ" (the singer), etc.

April 22, 2016


Got it! Thank you :D

April 22, 2016


Why is "he eats apple" incorrect?

August 30, 2016


Because that's awkward English, at least to me. If you'd say that regularly, though, feel free to report it. [21/03/2019]

March 22, 2019


I'm pretty sure that's saying "Tam" not "tao"

April 22, 2016


You hear right. This is an error caused by the speaker. We wanted to re-record many audios that have errors but couldn't.

April 22, 2016


I only heard this because cơm tam is my favourite!

Thanks for the work.....the programme feels great! I've been living in Vũng Tàu south Vietnam for 6 months and have been watching DUO every day waiting!

April 22, 2016


he is eating the apple...should be marked correct?

October 8, 2018


Why is he eats apple wrong? Should "he eats the apple" be "Anh ấy ăn một táo" or ""Anh ấy ăn trái táo"

April 8, 2018


They are looking for "he eats apples".

August 27, 2018


Có ai người vn ko zây

July 25, 2019


He eats apple is wrong?

March 17, 2017


Why is "He ate an apple" wrong? Does vietnamese have articles and different tense words?

August 9, 2017


Yes. If you want to speak in past tense, you'd have to add đã before the verb. Without it, it's always present tense

February 17, 2018


nếu ăn táo không sao còn thêm "An apple" ?

April 11, 2019


The sentence doesn't have một, so it shouldn't be "an apple." According to the language notes, if a noun doesn't have một in front of it, you should use "the" instead of "a/an."

July 12, 2019


Why not "he eats the apple?" Wouldn't "an apple" be "an mot tao?"

July 18, 2019


Why is "he eats bread" is wrong?

April 13, 2017


Táo = apple
Bánh mì = bread
One way to remember is that táo as far as I know is a native Vietnamese word, so it's just one word. Bread, though, was brought over by the French, so it's two words (literally "wheat cake"). [21/03/2019]

March 22, 2019
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