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  5. "Người phụ nữ muốn nước ép."

"Người phụ nữ muốn nước ép."

Translation:The woman wants the juice.

April 21, 2016



I am a Vietnamese

And in Vietnam, this sentence is incomplete, the right sentence is Người phụ nữ muốn ###verb lấy(take) or uống(drink)### nước ép


I think they tried to keep the first few sentences a bit simple, for the beginner's sake


Đúng rồi đấy

[deactivated user]

    What's the point without sound?


    The vietnamese course needs more audio. I will probably learn to write and read vietnamese before I will ever understand people talking or me speaking the language. Duolingo : Please have more audio available through out the excercises.


    I translated this to "The woman wants juice" but was marked incorrect. I thought "The woman wants THE juice" would be written as "Người phụ nũ muốn CÁI nước ép" in Vientnamese. Can anyone please explain why the "cái" classifier is apparently not necessary. Thanks


    Not sure about the cái part as I'm just starting out here, but "The woman wants juice" is now accepted. [21/03/2019]


    It wasn't for me (05/21/2020)


    audio doesn't work


    Most of this course doesn't have audio


    I like the fact that muốn sounds a bit like want but without the T sound of course.


    hey the sound is not working on most of these (at least on the beginning of the lesson


    Most of it doesn't have sound in the first place. It's not just that it isn't working, but there isn't any audio for the program at all.


    I: NINA the WOMAN is new. She will only eat GRAPES, UNICON MEAT, OLIVES, ICE CREAM, PASTA & HAM.

    One day her crazy new friends URGE her to try NEW things while eating UPSIDE DOWN: Crazy things: MACARONI, UMBRELLAS, ONIONS, NUTS, NACHOS, UNDERWEAR, ORANGES & CANNED EELS with PEACHES all together.

    But she only WANTS the EP fruit. The tasty rare ớc ép JUICE. :P She only wants it when the MOON is out!

    ACCENTS: 7: ư ờ ữ ố ư ớ é

    Người phụ nữ muốn nước ép

    ♫ NOY FU NU EH – MOON – NU EP: ♫phụ nữ

    N gư ờ i phụ nữ mu ốn nư ớc ép

    Người phụ nữ muốn nước ép

    Nguoi phu nu muon nuoc ep


    Xdfgfzhz Đg đg x


    Is the word woman in this sentence just người or is it người phụ or the whole thing người phụ nu? If you were going to write or say a sentence using the word woman in Vietnamese which one would you use?


    phụ nữ with người as its classifier.


    Tôi là người Việt Nam im from Vietnam

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