"Anh ấy ăn bánh mì."

Translation:He eats bread.

April 21, 2016



Is there a distinction between "eats" and "is eating"?

April 22, 2016


ăn = eat, đang ăn = eating. Later on you will be introduced how to use "đang" to express present continuous.

April 22, 2016


I've been told 'bánh mì' means sandwich rather than bread.

April 23, 2016


Bánh mì actually covers several different types of bread. It can mean sandwich or bread.

May 11, 2016


In Vietnam, it's just bread

October 24, 2016


Yeah, I was under this impression too. I assume "bánh mì" can be a shortened colloquial way of saying sandwich/hoagie?

April 23, 2016


Yes basically. (I can fluently speak and understand Vietnamese but I'm learning how to fluently read and write Vietnamese.)

February 21, 2017


Nope... Banh mi is bread... Banh mi kep or banh mi thit is what we call a "banh mi" in the west.... I was hungry and slightly annoyed when i made this mistake in Saigon...

August 3, 2018


Am I the only one who was happy Vietnamese sounded like mandarin but did jot use characters? :D

June 27, 2016


One of the biggest hurdles with Mandarin for me is remembering the pronunciations, even with the simple grammar. That's why I'm also trying Japanese since kana are more prevalent as a way to remember how to actually pronounce stuff for it. Of course, an alphabet like Vietnamese is even better. 21/03/2019

March 22, 2019


There seems to be a 'g' sound between anh and ấy... What is the pronunciation rule for this? Should it sound like "anhg ưi?"

April 21, 2016


The ending -nh tends to be pronounced as -ng, whereas nh- will sound like ny-

April 22, 2016


It also depends on if the person speaks Vietnamese with an accent since my father's side of the family speaks with an accent but my mom's side doesn't, which may explain why there seems to be a "g" sound between the two words.

February 21, 2017


They both have accents! One will be north and one will be southern...

August 3, 2018


I'd say it's pretty difficult not to speak with an accent. If you mean that they speak like the standard pronunciation used in media, then they speak like Northerners. 21/03/2019

March 22, 2019


he sounds very enthusiastic hehe

June 30, 2016


Why is "this big brother eats bread" not acceptable?

October 19, 2016


Well, "Anh ấy" doesn't necessarily mean, "big brother". It basically just means "he". Terms that would mean, "big brother" would be "anh hai" (big brother) or just "anh" which generally speaking would be understood as, "older" but masculine so we understand that you're talking about a male person.

February 21, 2017


Big brother - anh trai

August 3, 2018


I typed "easy" when i meant "eats" ;-; press f for me plz xD

June 11, 2019


haiz quên không "s" vào trong eat

September 5, 2016


Me too , tôi viết Anh Ấy Ăn Sandwich = He Eats Sandwich , nhưng thiếu " s " nen Wrong

August 16, 2017


i know a little

January 17, 2017


ნო ლო ცრემლი nwn

April 11, 2017


Is there a past tense for eat? My answer was "He ate bread" and I was wrong. Ăn means to eat, so woukd there be a past tense modifier?

April 8, 2018


No, there is no past in Vietnamese...only present and future... . . . Only kidding. Have patience young man.

August 3, 2018


Vietnamese doesn't have conjugations for tenses, it's all contextual with key words to indicate time (Anh ấy ăn bánh mì hôm qua = He ate bread yesterday) the yesterday and other indicators change the meaning, but the verb cannot do that by itself.

November 26, 2018


bánh mì hay bánh mỳ đều đc mà dm @@

March 2, 2019


Ban nãy trả lời She eats bread thì bảo sai, giờ trả lời He eat bread, bỏ chữ "s" đi vẫn sai??

May 16, 2019


eat= ăn,đang ăn=eating,đã ăn=ate

August 8, 2019
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