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  5. "Tôi là bạn."

"Tôi bạn."

Translation:I am you.

April 21, 2016

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This is an odd sentence for a beginner.


Hi, please accept that there might be some odd sentence in either English or Vietnamese, especially at the beginning of the course where the vocabularies are limited. It's just a way for us to introduce to you new words and giving examples of grammar.


OK, noted. I do appreciate all the work that went into this. Thank you so much.


Ban usually means friend. That is an awkward sentence. I speak it fluently.


i feel like we should have been taught the alphabet first


You are absolutely right :-)


Are they going to add the tones? Or should I use a Vietnamese keyboard?


Yes, they've recomended UniKey program to type diacritics and tones.


Coming to the rescue! My hero! Thanks!


I speak vietnamese.... pretty brokenly, but all my life, ban has mostly meant "friend".

Can someone explain this?


bạn means you or friend. Here is how you differentiate:

tôi là bạn = I am you

tôi là một người bạn = I am a friend


I won't never translate like you state. The closest translation would be: tôi là bạn = I am a friend. (In English, "I am friend" is wrong). I have never use this sentence in my life :-)


Could someone, probably a moderator, comment on why some people's comments are being deleted. There was no rudeness , swearing or personal attack in what I said previously on this thread and yet my comment is gone.

If all critical or even partially critical comments relating to the course or the calibre of the english translations are going to be deleted then there is no point in engaging with the forums or the course team.


I do not know who did it but evidently your comments were not violating any forum guidelines. I restored your comments. Sorry about this inconvenience.


Thank you for looking into it and for your very courteous and helpful response ckhadung.


I speak vietnamese fluently and I am taking thís course to learn how to read and write in vietnamese and this sentence means "i am a friend?" can someone please explain how this could possibly mean "I am you?"


This sentence is either a bad translation or a bad Vietnamese with no meaning.


This sentance makes absolutly no sense in english as it stands, does anyone have any idea what it is getting at?


Solipsism reference?


A bit advanced, don't they usually leave spiritual and philosophical references to far later in the tree? :-)


When would a person say this ?


What is the context in which this would be said in Vietnamese? It doesn't make sense to me in English.


I think we never learn the sentences with a context in any course of Duolingo. But perhaps, this is based on some literary text or a song. There are many literary phrases in this course, and this makes it really interesting! ;)

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