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"Các con "

Translation:The chickens

April 21, 2016



What's the difference between các and những? Are they interchangeable?


"Các" and "những" are all plural indicators in Vietnamese. Actually they can't always replace each other in all contexts but we will let you use them interchangeable at first.


Both words are plural indicators where các actually indicates that there is a set amount of things, whereas những would simply just refer to a multitude of something.


I think it depends on what you are referring to, though I'm not totally sure on that.


We use "CÁC em vào lớp nào!", not use "NHỮNG em vào lớp nào!" to invite a group of people to do some thing. It is one of many circumstances that các & những can't interchangeable.


It sounds like he's saying the vietnamese word for cut


Yeah "các" and "cắt (cut)" sound really similar. Especially when it's an audio file we're trying to listen to and if one is not familiar with this accent.


i thought that i was the only one


The learning curve of Vietnameses is quite steep :) keep it up guys


I wrote cut the chicken because that's what i heard plus I'm Vietnamese and I know what I heard.


I'm also a native speaker. However, I don't hear "cắt" but "các".


would "all these/those chickens" work?


Các/Những con gà này = these chickens

Các/Những con gà đó/ấy = those chickens

Tất cả gà or tất cả các/những con gà = all (the) chickens

: )


No, "all" is not indicated here. "these chickens" = "Các con gà này" and "those chickens" = "Các con gà dó".


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Wouldn't "các con gà " be something like "the chickens" meaning (all) of the specific chickens we are talking about and "những con gà " be more like "chickens" meaning simply an indeterminate number of the fowl?


It's highly debatable whether "các" and "những" are used interchangeably. http://bit.ly/2jYxFfz (Links are in Vietnamese only, sorry :p). Being a native Vietnamese speaker, I would say that it is safe to use them interchangeably most of the time. However, there are cases that you must choose only one of the two words; and knowing the context helps a lot too.

As of your question, I would say that "(THE) chickens" can be translated as both "CÁC con gà" and "NHỮNG con gà" no matter whether the chickens are general or specific ones. It's really difficult to differentiate between the two meanings without context. :(


This is the only "các con gà" in this lesson that's given me an error for putting "chickens" instead of "the chickens"


Có gì đâu mà cho tôi giúp tôi với nhé các con gà chicken đúng không cả bạn các bạn hãy nghe hoặc là lo cho tôi và cặp đôi cho tôi nhé

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