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  5. "Đứa trẻ uống nước ép táo."

"Đứa trẻ uống nước ép táo."

Translation:The kid drinks apple juice.

April 22, 2016



"Nước ép táo" is a little awkward phrasing. Most of us would say "nước táo." Ép is implied.


I'm a beginner, but I agree with this, since a few lessons later it's "nước cam" for orange juice. It's a little confusing! I'd rather just learn the way native speakers would say it, maybe with an explanation somewhere along the line, rather than switching from one way to the other with no explanation.


so should it be nước ép táo or nước táo ép?


Man i was just in vietnam and they would only say cam ép or táo ép noone ever said nước


"Tôi gọi một li nước cam ép" /li nước cam /li cam ép /li cam.


Ho chi minh city from del Bad


Shhh, they're beginners ;)


Good night daddy


To the divith Father daddy


The northern dialect is very hard for me to understand. Why don't you have southern dialect speakers as well.


yessss i agree! all my family is from south vietnam and the northen accent feels like a different language


The child drinks apple juice ought to be considered correct.


I don't think the pronunciation of "uống nước" here is correct? It sounds like he's saying "uon" instead of the whole thing


I agree, it does sound like uốn nước, and it doesn't have to do with the northern dialect. Perhaps it's because he says this sentence quite fast and thus the words assimilate a little to each other. Also the -c in nước sounds almost like a glottal stop, as in the beginning of the next word ép.


It's a northern dialect


I don't think it's that. I mean, my ears are more trained for the southern dialect but I think even northerners pronounce BOTH uống nước as uống nước and not just uon. idk


In English kid ís slang and can be confused with the same word for a young goat. Isn't child a more appropriate translation for đứa trẻ


Never knew "kid" meant a young goat. Nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with using "kid".


xin chao :))))


Yes, I also agree that "nước ép táo" is kind of weird, and also I think maybe "trẻ con" is more appropriate to use in this sentence here.


"the kid", not "kids". "trẻ con" would be wildly incorrect.


Regardless of the awkward phrasing of "nước ép táo", one other thing I'm curious about is why there's a dip on táo. Since the same marking is on all three words, wouldn't the tone remain level after nước? At least, that's what I've been led to believe.


Said "little child" and got it wrong as they said "kid". Inconsistent.


Dua tre. I'm coming from studing phonetic Spanish. this looks like doo-a tre, and I'm hearing "nooche a" or something like that.

Please explain the sound that "dua tre" makes phonitically.


are you familiar with the IPA? if so, "đứa trẻ" is pronunced [ʔɗɨə˧˦ t͡ɕɛ˧˩] in the North and [ʔɗɨə˦˥ ʈɛ˨˩˦] in the South.


Thank you. I studied the IPA with Fred Flintstone way back in HS, but I'm not ashamed to go back and look at it again.


When he say" Đứa" i keep hearing the letter N instead of D. They should have someone else to say it right ans also slower for beginners.


Get tick in vietnam processes and daddy same vietnam


Why does the d sound like n


Child and kid are not the same thing?


I really don't hear the "nướng" when he says it before "ep tao". I listen to it 3 times because i wanted to be sure. Am i the only one?


"The new kid is pitching today " can easily refer to a six foot five, 190 pound major league baseball player. "Little kid" should be accepted or, at least, not called wrong.


"the child drinks juice" is not being accepted as it wanted "the kid drinks juice"

Good course overall though.


how do i know when it should be "drink" or "drinking" - i tried this : the kid is drinking apple juice


Wow this is hard


I listened seveal times and I didn't hear the first part of the sentence like it spelled out. I watched the correct sentence as I listened twice more and I dodn't see the consonants pronounced that were in the words.

It is tough, but I think I'm just going to have to tune my old western ears to new parameters.


I'm sorry to hear that.

I was very frustrated too when I first started. I know Spanish pretty well and I was breezing through it. When I started Vietnamese, I hit a brick wall. When I realized that it was OK to "cheat" and look at the words underlined to get the meanings and copy them down, I realxed. That's how you're supposed to learn in this system. That and repetition.

I'm OK with that.

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