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Southern or Northern accent?

The course is mostly in Northern accent, but personally I switch to South cause I'm from da South :P Would it be a problem if I stick to Southern accent or stay with the Northern accent to make it easier?

April 22, 2016



I suppose the answer depends on what you plan to use the language for. For example, if your family is from the south and you plan to talk mainly with them then it would make sense to stick with the southern accent.


How would you switch ? Do you mean in the course ? And isnt northern the most common ?


no, both Hanoi (Northern) and Saigon (Southern) accents are common. If you live in the US, the type of Vietnamese dialect you'll hear the most is the Saigon dialect due to a lot of Southern Vietnamese refugees and immigrants coming here after the Vietnam War.


How would you switch?

My family is from the South side of Vietnam, so I am used to the Southern accent :P


Most Vietnamese actually speak a variant of Southern Vietnamese.


Is there also a central dialect ? I have heard there about 5 major accents , is that correct ?

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