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"Tôi yêu cái khăn quàng của bạn, không phải bạn."

Translation:I love your scarf, not you.

April 22, 2016



Hmm, I wonder if this is a north Vietnamese thing. In the south, we would say we like, never love, "cái khăn."


No, it's just a hilarious sentence, not imply any thing in any dialect. The vocabulary in this course is neutral which means you can use them even you are in the north, central or south parts of Vietnam.


This ís definitely a hilarious sentence. Second place so far, after 'eat a mug!', I think.


A scarf is a specific thing to cover around your neck, so that's what "khăn quàng" means. "Khăn" otherwise has a very broad definition, anything that you can use to clean your face/body, or to clean other objects.

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