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  5. "The fish bites the mug."

"The fish bites the mug."

Translation:Con cá cắn cái ca.

April 22, 2016



Wow, what a tongue twister! :D


This was one of my dad's favorites. So happy to see it in here.


awesome sentence! :D


Can someone explain the difference between Con and Cai? I believe it is because ca is an object and the other cá is a living things (fish)... but not sure...


Yes, con is the most common classifier for animals - including humans: con người


cái is a common object classifier, while con is used for most animals.


Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Con Ca Can Cai Cas!


I'm Vietnamese myself and I have never heard of this phrase.


Well, we native English speakers don't say this either.


Through that sentence is not meaning but that's way you learn pronounce and remember accent marks.


Well, you've just done it! This is just an exercise to review what you have learned so far. The sentence makes so sense but it's grammatically correct.

Bạn vừa nghe đấy thôi! Đây chỉ là bài tập vận dụng những thứ bạn vừa học. Câu cú mang nghĩa hơi lạ nhưng nó đúng ngữ pháp.


Many Duolingo courses incorporate such phrases that make no sense. It's "Duo humour" I guess. I'm sure many Vietnamese learners won't ever forget con cá, cắn and cái ca after this phrase! :D


Defo! I had a really good laugh over that sentence.


Oh. Đó câu để luyện phát âm và phân biệt các dấu thanh dành cho trẻ con mới học tiếng Việt và đánh vần. Có lẽ do bạn học quá lâu rồi bạn không nhớ đó thôi.


Love this sentence!!


I am a bit confused on the pronunciation of "cắn" and double marked vowels in general. Do the two tones get connected or are they merged together?


I can only access the sound for this in the discussion page for it. Why can't it be available in the lesson? It would really help considering it is a pronunciation challenge.


Con gà ăn con cá, con cá cắn cái ca. Các bác không thấy buồn cười à? Tôi là người việt nam mà tôi còn không hiểu...


I am vietnamese , well i think this sentences is incorrect and the people do not use it in our life


OMG. This could be a wonderful pick-up line!


When said, it almost sounds like "con cac can cai ca", or "the cock bites the mug".


No, it does not. Due to the difference in tones between <cá c-...> (rising) and, sorry, <cặ c-...> (deep down), no misunderstanding would be made saying or hearing that part. Vietnamese writings without tone marks, on the other hand, may lead to misunderstanding as in your example "con cac can cai ca" -> "the cock/penis bites the mug" -> It's a monster! Run for your life!


Say that 5 times fast.


You may bite your tongue by doing that :P


True maybe you shouldn't


This is more messed up than "the fish eats the mug" -anthony and jason


That does not sound very delicious to me.


"cắn" was not accepted. Am I using an unusual input method? It looks the same to me.


You can use "Unikey" to type proper Vietnamese. The Windows VN keyboard causes problems sometimes.


The Vietnamese for Windows works fine for me: cắn. which is the a key then the 1 key not shifted and then the 8 key also not shifted. I tried zooming in but yours looked just like mine. However, if you use a different accent from a different language keyboard it won't recognize it even if it looks similar. http://typingvietnamese.blogspot.com/p/typing-vietnamese-for-windows.html


Sometimes I use the MS OS keyboard and when the sentences in Vietnamese are correct and exactly as the model answer, Duo shows the message "Almost correct!" (and when I begin the course many sentences were rejected and now they are accepted but not as fully correct). Then, using TELEX the sentence is fully correct.

I think I am not the only one with this problem. Anyways, I like to alternate the use of both systems. ;)


UniKey is what all of Vietnam uses so it's probably best to use that. It's an unintrusive little program that works very nicely. To type cắn, I just type cawns. For learners, this typing method also helps separate the tones from other diacritics, and reinforce the idea that the tone is a property of the whole word, and not just of that one vowel on which it happens to be written.


haha strange phrases at the start but I finally realize the purpose of this lesson. nice work here guys


what the ❤❤❤❤


????? How can the fish bites a mug ???!?


Why can't it? Someone uses a mug to fetch water in a spring or a lake and a fish just bites the mug out of curiosity ;)


i got a migraine trying to pronounce that


co moi the ma cung ko hieu dung la hoc dot co khac !


Horrible, horrible sentence


This is just an exercise to review what you have learned so far. The sentence makes so sense but it's grammatically correct. By getting such a bad impression of this sentence, you'll be remember it for a long time.


What I remember is your reply is incorrect ..."you' be remember it" is complete nonsense...like the sentence


Thanks for pointing these errors out to me. My mind was not clear when I typed the comment above. I guess staying up late at 1 am trying to help learners of Vietnamese is not easy at all. :)

By the way, could you please help me correct my mistakes?


I think you are doing a great job and am grateful for the chance to learn vietnamese - I will give friends from there a good laugh when I suggest they eat a mug rather than drink from it!

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