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" sommaren är dagarna långa."

Translation:In the summer, the days are long.

April 22, 2016



Hi, can someone please help explain why it is "ar dagarna langa" and not "dagarna ar langa"? Tack sa mycket.


It's the V2 rule – the verb must go in second place in all main clauses (that are not questions). So if you start a sentence with an adverb ("på sommaren") it will take up the "first place" (a "place" can be much longer than just one word), the verb has to go right after that.

Longer post about word order here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8970470


Why isn't "the days are longer in the summer" accepted?


Sorry for the delay in response! Your questions must have somehow gotten missed! Långa is the plural form of lång (=long). "Longer" would be the comparative form of the adjective lång, which would be längre. Sorry again for the delay!


No worries, thanks for the quick response this time!

Would "the days are long in the summer"?

And just so I'm clear - anytime I mean "longer" the word is "långa" and it is "lång" for the word "long"?


In på the summer ,the days are long

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