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Weird Sentences?

Have any of you gotten any weird sentences yet? I know I have. If so take a screenshot or comment. I love this course already!!! :D :D :D

April 22, 2016



What is your weird sentence?


An cai ca = Eat the mug xDD


'I am you' and sentences like that are a bit strange, I first looked for an other meaning because that could not be it ;) Actually it is very smart use of the words I and you that are used a lot this way so for studying the words it are good sentences.

It is great that we can start now. Difficult too, even with a printed layout of the Vietnamese-keyboard. Sometimes the tones from my keyboard look different then the ones in the right answer (I will ask my wife if that is the lettertype or if I use the wrong accents because I see nothing that comes closer).


Yes. "Tôi là bạn" is one of them.

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