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"The little girl, the little boy want to study."

Translation:Bé gái, cậu bé muốn học.

April 22, 2016



There is a mix-match in the language usage here. It should be either "Bé gái, bé trai" or "cô bé, cậu bé." Right now it's more like the baby girl, the little boy. It should be either the baby girl, the baby boy or the little girl, the little boy.


I have two questions. First, what is the distinction between co gai and be gai. Second, does Vietnamese not have the conjunction "and"? This English sentence is very awkward with a comma where the word "and" should be.

  • "Cô gái" means a girl and she is an adult, 17 yrs and above, and "cô bé" means she is a child.

  • Yes, Vietnamese has conjunction "and", and means "và", you will learn this word in "Alphabet -1" lesson


Thank you. Would this sentence be more natural with the use of "va," or Does Vietnamese often just put one noun after the other like this without such a conjunction?


This sentence will be more natural if you add the word "và" (remember to type its tone mark :) ). The reason why we don't put "và" between "bé gái" and "cậu bé" here is that we haven't teach the word "và" in this skill yet. Sorry for this confusion.


Thanks. I will be trying to memorize the tone marks and the tones themselves, if I can figure them out from the recordings. I won't be typing them, though, as I make it my policy not to try to relearn to type every time I take up a new language. I will be typing them once Vietnamese becomes available on my Android phone, though.


Hope the keyboard will come out soon :)


i dont have the tone marks i have it for french but not Vietnamese


No, Vietnamese people often use conjunction "and" in their sentences. But if we have to list more things, we also use the commas included.


I don't remember the word trai, what does it mean? Was it covered already?


It means boy. Dunno if it was covered.


there is a note saying that Duolingo will distinguish between be gai and co gai -- but from this lesson, it seems there's not a similar distinction between cau be and be trai. Do those two terms have the same distinction as the terms for girls?

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