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"Vĩnh viễn"


April 22, 2016



Hi everyone, what is the difference between vĩnh viễn and mãi mãi? I have been taught that mãi mãi was the word for "forever." Thank you everyone

April 22, 2016


Not sure there's a difference. I've seen "mãi mãi" used more in less formal writings or in speaking, but I'm pretty sure that comes down to the preferences of the writers more than any formalized differences. Might also be because "vĩnh viễn" doesn't sound nearly as nice when spoken by us southerners. Yikes!

May 20, 2016


The same to me. I use both of them, perhaps, equally.

June 7, 2016


both means everlasting, permanent, forever, eternally. "vĩnh viễn" is a Sino-Vietnamese word (chứ hán), whereas "mãi mãi" is a native VNmese word (chứ nôm). VNmese tend to perceive chứ hán fancier or upper-classed.

December 19, 2017


Thank you :)

April 7, 2018


"Forever" in Vietnamese is my nickname said twice! :)

April 22, 2016


So your nick name is "Mãi"? How did you get that nickname?

June 7, 2016

[deactivated user]

    This sounds like a loanword from Chinese!

    May 16, 2016


    It is a Chinese-Vietnamese word. Vĩnh viễn 永远 yǒngyuǎn.

    June 7, 2016


    Yeah, sounds a lot like 永远. :D

    May 18, 2016


    I would say that "vĩnh viễn" is generally used as an adjective to mean... eternal, everlasting, without end, etc.

    April 24, 2016


    It can be both adjective and adverb.

    June 7, 2016


    Anyone else used to watch this show, with Ioan Gruffudd? I loved it so much, so sad it got cancelled after only one season... I will love it vinh vien ;p

    May 2, 2016


    Liked the show a lot. Love that man, though. Want him on my TV more. There's something unerringly charming about him. But yeah, that was a great show. Wish it stuck around but it wasn't right for network TV. Wish it had gone to Netflix or Amazon.

    May 20, 2016


    I was part of the original team to save the show, called "Foreverists", later "Forever Warriors." I helped spread the petition (Now with 100,000+ signatures) to return the show, and was supported by Matt Miller (The show's creator) and the cast via their encouragement on Twitter. Matt was sincerely grateful for my helping organise the events on Twitter to get Forever hashtags trending, and to try to save the show through the petition. However, we didn't manage, as much as we tried, and as much as I sincerely prayed over it. The reason being that Disney cancelled it, is that ABC is owned by Disney, and the show was on ABC, however Warner Brothers was the one making profits from it, as they owned it. But I feel like something else happened, as Warner Bros wouldn't even release the DVD's, we had to petiton THAT as well, and finally got them (With an online only release, unfortunately.) I'm sincerely glad to meet another Foreverist, and I just wanted you to know we really did try to save it. God bless! :) <3

    May 21, 2016


    Vĩnh sounds like vig-n for me with a g before the n sound. but i read you pronunce -nh- for example like the ñ in España ?

    June 25, 2016


    I believe that pronunciation rule only applies when nh is at the start of a word, not the end.

    November 7, 2017


    'Vĩnh' does not have the 'ñ' sound in there.

    The tonal inflections, the sounds come from the added accents. In this case the accent on the 'i' makes it sound like a question.

    Say 'Vinh' then make it sound like a question.

    'nh' is just like 'n' in Spanish

    November 24, 2017


    Don't this not also mean "always"?

    January 12, 2018


    "Vĩnh viễn" to "luôn luôn" is the same as "forever" to "always".


    January 29, 2018


    I use suot doi when I say this.

    March 16, 2018


    isn't "suốt đời" limited to one's lifetime, and not beyond?

    March 17, 2018


    Suddenly sounds like Danish

    August 27, 2018


    I typed "Vin Vihn and got ... Correct?

    May 26, 2019


    Vin vihn got a correct for me. Yikes!

    June 20, 2019


    ooops I wrote Vihn Vien and got CORRECT

    August 8, 2019


    Sorry but why do you feel the need to say that once a month?! Just report the sentence to the VN team. Cheers!

    August 11, 2019
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