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  5. "This is a shoe."

"This is a shoe."

Translation:To jest but.

April 22, 2016



Why is "to jest butem"(using instrumental case) wrong? Would it only work if I said something more specific like "Ten przedmiot jest butem"?


Yes, you're quite right. Simple sentences of the "This is an X"/"These are Y" form take Nominative (and also alwas "to", treated as the subject and not a demonstrative pronoun), defining a noun with another noun takes Instrumental.


why is 'ten jest but' in correct. ten means 'this'


"Ten" means "this" but as a determiner describing the noun (in Polish specifically masculine). Not as a standalone pronoun which indicates a nearby object - to this meaning corresponds Polish "to".

"Ten" can be also used in sense "this one" (masculine noun).


So buty is plural form of shoe?


Can not you say "to but"? As "(ono) to but"?


You can, it's accepted, but I wouldn't recommend it. On its own, as a super-short sentence, it seems clumsy to me. Also, it's not like "ono to but", because "ono" is really rarely used at all. All constructions like "This/That is X", "These/Those are X", use impersonal "to" as the subject, regardless of the grammatical gender.


Hope its fun learning polish

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