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  5. "Jeszcze tu nie pracujecie."

"Jeszcze tu nie pracujecie."

Translation:You do not work here yet.

April 22, 2016



"You still do not work here" ought to be accepted, shouldn't it?


These words differ a bit semantically in the two languages. Jeszcze can be translated as still in a sentence like "Jeszcze tu pracujecie" = "Wciąż/nadal tu pracujecie" (You still work here - but soon you won't).

In general, to avoid confusion, better use still = wciąż/nadal; yet = jeszcze


I'd translate it as "Wciąż tu nie pracujecie".


I prefer still too. As you know Marek, there ia a lot of overlap between 'not yet' and 'still don't'.


After some thinking, I guess maybe it's indeed acceptable, although I still would be more likely to use "wciąż" or even "wciąż jeszcze". Added, anyway.


i believe that i can put yet wherever i want, can i?


You mean the English or Polish sentence? In Polish it's one of the two most natural place to put it (you could also say Nie pracujecie tu jeszcze). I am not a native speaker of English but I think that, in case of this sentence, it's the only natural way to say it.


can i say anymore instead of yet


no. jeszcze is opposite of anymore.


anymore means więcej


If you used 'anymore' instead of 'yet' that would be "Już tu nie pracujecie" = You worked here, but you don't anymore. But in the Polish sentence you haven't started working here yet.


In one sentence "this gentleman does not work here anymore" and here "you do not work here yet" both times the word jeszcz is used. Is this an error or is the word used in both cases and then why is anymore not accepted here. thanks


not ... yet - jeszcze ... nie

not ... anymore - już ... nie

If you saw them mixed up, it must have been an error.


then you should really see control this exercice. as I had them wrong I had them both back one just after the other at the end, so I am sure of what I say. Besides, I had now three times the same problem: when giving the right answer, it is rejected: I do not know how to post a screenshot, I even tried to convert it to pdf, and I leave it, maybe posted you can see someting /Users/dunemariejose/Desktop/Capture d’écran 2019-03-14 à 23.12.10.pdf


Upload it on Imgur and post the link here


hi, I guess I leave it here. I f I am the only person with this problem, it won't matter. And if it matters to you, you could just have a check. Wish you a nice day


The only thing I can check are the standard answers and they are correct in both sentences. So this seems to be a technical issue, only the developpers of this site can fix. If they had a screenshot, they could try and work on the problem. Unfortunately, there is no way I can help you directly.

[deactivated user]

    You do not even work here?


    That's "nawet", not "jeszcze".

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