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"When will they publish that book in Greece?"

Translation:Khi nào họ sẽ xuất bản quyển sách kia ở Hy Lạp?

April 22, 2016



Khi nào họ sẽ xuất bản cuốn sách đó ở Hy Lạp ?

I think it should be accepted.


It's not added yet. This comment was from four years ago.


I think the contributors will add your answer in the future. :) But, in my opinion, it's not now, because foreign learners will be confused and they can't remember all of them right now :p


I know that and I am waitting. I sent my suggestion to Duolingo.


Why was 'ở trong Hy Lạp' rejected? This rendering has been accepted before.


I put khi nào at the end of the sentence, and was counted wrong. Is this wrong or sound awkward in Vietnamese?

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