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  5. "Đứa trẻ không ăn táo."

"Đứa trẻ không ăn táo."

Translation:The kid does not eat the apples.

April 22, 2016



why apples? why not apple?


my answer is: the child does not eat apple, and it is wrong. why the answer has to be apples?


đứa trẻ không ăn các táo!!??


Có lẽ họ dịch sai rồi tôi khẳng định rằng nếu dịch đúng từ tiếng anh sang tiếng việt thì phải là "đứa trẻ không ăn những quả táo" nhưng họ lại dich là ăn táo do người Việt Nam thường không nói rõ lượng từ và số từ của một danh từ nên chúng tôi thường bỏ qua cho vài trường hợp như trường hợp trên táo có thể là danh từ số nhiều hoặc số ít


How is one to know whether táo means apple or apples??


If it's by itself then generally speaking it's pluralised in English. It's like how we say 'an apple' for any one apple, 'the apple' for a specific apple (or when speaking specifically about apples vs other fruits) but 'apples' when speaking in general about them.


i put: "The child does not eat apples", and I got it correct.

However, how would you differentiate this between a child not being able to eat apples ̣as in he is allergic or doesn't like them) and a child not THE eating apples that were offered to him

  • Apple chứ nhỉ? Có những quả táo đâu?


Is there a way to say "The kid is not eating the apple vs the kid DOES not eat the apple." Just sounds the same in English to me.


doesn't eat = khọng ăn

is not eating = hiện giờ không ăn

You'd throw in "now" before "không ăn".

To say "is eating" you'd say "đang ăn" but the negation is not "không đang ăn" but "hiện giờ không ăn".


It may sounds the same in English. However is Vietnamese, present continuous is only used when the word đang is present. Example: tôi đang ăn = I am eating/ tôi ăn = I eat.


@MinhHoBing, look at it another way. What if the kid is given 2 apples and is expected to finish all of them but did not. is the above correct?


Thanks. I agree with the analysis. So the translation is incorrect. Can Duolingo update it please


How is it incorrect? What analysis do you agree with?


Sao lại là số nhiều nhỉ?


Apples với the apples khác gì nhau

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