Legendas para Novelas ??

Hey guys , i decided to practice my Portuguese using TV series (novelas) but there does seem to be any subtitles available on the internet .. can anyone recommend a series that has subtitles or a website that i may find subtitles on .. i'm currently watching Avenida Brasil but without subtitles .. thank you ^^

April 22, 2016


Brother Brazilian novels are pure ❤❤❤❤, I recommend for you watch american series, like the simpsons, friends etc... The simpsons are fantastic quickly you get the accent and it help you a lot!

subtitles series:

without subtitles:

Good luck keep up the studies!

April 22, 2016

is there anything like the first link that has it in portuguese

May 1, 2016

you can use the netflix, is the best way to watch with portuguese subtitles

May 1, 2016

i know but i can't afford netflix

May 17, 2016

i'm sorry guy like most things portuguese there isn't a whole lot of portuguese resources like that i have never found subtitled portuguese shows on the internet

April 23, 2016

Success in finding those kind of resources depends on your chosen variant of Portuguese and the subtitle language(s) you want.

It's easy to find European Portuguese material subtitled in Portuguese:

Several web-series (and a few TV shows) on YouTube have subtitles in various languages:

YouTube also hosts many Brazilian movies (no doubt illegally uploaded) and you may be lucky enough to find the matching subtitles on a site such as - In many cases these can be played together with the movies using VLC:

Searching this forum using the string subtitles AND Portuguese will reveal several other discussions with links to subtitled videos.

April 23, 2016
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