"The girl wants to study."

Translation:Cô gái muốn học.

April 22, 2016



Hello Vietnamese friends. 2 questions: 1) "The girl" is specific, so why "co gai" and not "co gai ay" ? 2) why "little girl" is "be gai" but "lillte boy" is "cau be" and not "be trai" ?

August 8, 2016


cô gái ấy means she. If you put ấy after it will mean he or she.

July 13, 2017


Could you say "con gai"?

August 19, 2016


Yes, or người con gái works as well

July 13, 2017


Can one put người before cô gái?

April 22, 2016


No, they can't. But if before "con gái", it's okay. Then, the word will be "người con gái", which also means "the girl".

April 22, 2016


Could you provide a more in-depth explanation of why this is? I'm partly curious but I will also remember better if I know.

June 6, 2016


Chào AtalinaDove! I'll tell you more about this.

  • Con gái: In Vietnamese, "con gái" is a common noun and means "girl" in general (girls). When you use this word to talk about a certain girl, you're using a common noun to indicate a specific individual. To make everything matching, the noun must be definite. To do this, English uses the article "the" while Vietnamese uses the classifier "người" (note that "người" is the classifier for humans). So, to indicate a particular girl, you say "the girl" in English and "người con gái" in Vietnamese.

  • Cô gái: Cô gái is a specific noun, that is it already means "a girl" in particular. So, it doesn't need the classifier "người". In other words, người con gái = cô gái.

For example:

  • Người con gái muốn đọc sách. = Cô gái muốn đọc sách.
    -> The girl wants to read books.

  • Tôi nhảy cùng người con gái. = Tôi nhảy cùng cô gái.
    -> I dance with the girl.

  • Bảo vệ người con gái! = Bảo vệ cô gái!
    -> Protect the girl!

Note: "Cô gái" is used commonly in daily conversations while "người con gái" appears rarely and mostly in literature.

June 7, 2016


Thanks so much!

June 7, 2016


And why is it not be gai?

October 11, 2016


I put be gai muon hoc and it still worked

April 26, 2019
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