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"I drink milk, and I do not drink juice."

Translation:Я п'ю молоко і не п'ю сік.

April 22, 2016



I thought 'ale' was but, not and


What do you mean? I see neither "but" nor "але" in the sentences.


It was in a multiple choice question


Oh, I see. Yes, "але" is "but."


Why "a" incorrect for "and" in this sentence, but "i" is correct?


It is a very good question. When you join two sentences/phrases with opposite meanings, you can use both "і" and "а," but you have to use different word orders (otherwise it sounds unnatural):

  • «Я п'ю молоко і не п'ю сік.» — «Я п'ю молоко, а сік не п'ю.»
  • «Я бачу людей і не бачу тварин.» — «Я бачу людей, а тварин не бачу.» (I see people and do not see animals.)
  • «Я читаю наукову фантастику і не читаю фентезі.» — «Я читаю наукову фантастику, а фентезі не читаю.» (I read science fiction and do not read fantasy.)

I would say that the contrast is more stressed if you use "а." So, I would rather translate it as "but" in English, and not as "and."


Thanks for the clarification :) I think it will take some time to get a feel for the language to get this one right!


Ya p'yu moloko i ne p'yu sik.

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