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  5. "Người Úc rất hài hước."

"Người Úc rất hài hước."

Translation:The Australians are very humorous.

April 22, 2016



No you do not need the the and it sounds wrong


Yes, "The" is not necessary here and indeed it differs with the other examples in this very exercise.


Don't lecture native English speakers on English as you are so often wrong. As we keep telling you. cheers


In English we just say "Australians" we don't usually say the Australians. Again it ok but not what we usually say.


Sometimes unintentionally.


If Duo wants to say "the Australians" and sound like a non-native speaker, Duo can suit himself, but I do wish he would let me answer in my native speech.


The Australians don't seem to be very humorous at all. I also tried "Australian people" and it was not accepted Strangely, you can't say "English (or Welsh or Scottish or Irish or Dutch) are very humorous" - it would have to be THE English (or Welsh or Scottish or Irish) - even (the) Australians will admit that.


thank you all for reporting, and apologies for the long delay.


This Australian is getting very annoyed with Duolingo's errors.


Bumping the thread up. A polite request to the admins/editors, please accept the answer "Australians are very funny".

Option without "The" And "funny" as an alternative to humorous.

And as always, I appreciate your time and volunteer efforts. Thank you.


It looks like funny is already accepted, apologies. Just need to add an alternative accepted answer without "The". Thank you

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