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  5. "Tôi ăn bánh mì."

"Tôi ăn bánh mì."

Translation:I eat bread.

April 22, 2016



While the translation says "I eat bread", I type down "I'm eating bread", and it's wrong. Is there a difference in Vietnamese?

  • I eat bread = Tôi ăn bánh mì.

  • I'm eatING bread = Tôi ĐANG ăn bánh mì.

You add the word "đang" before a verb to indicate an ongoing action (progressive tense).


I put "I am bread" lol oops


i all most made that mistake XD


"I am eating bread" is also correct :/


"I AM eatING bread" -> "Tôi ĐANG ăn bánh mì". "ĐANG" means "BE doING", it indicates the progressive tense in Vietnamese. For example: "I AM readING" -> "Tôi ĐANG đọc", "She IS wearING a dress" -> "Cô ấy ĐANG mặc (một cái) đầm".

"I eat bread" is sometimes translated as "Tôi ĐANG ăn bánh mì" in this context: A: "What are you eating?" -> B: "I am eating bread" or "I eat bread" or "Eat bread" or "bread" or "... (with a cold stare)" . Both are considered correct answers for the question. "I eat bread" is used just to show that "I am eating bread, can't you * see that?" or I am just too lazy to make a proper sentence when I am eating the * bread.


My answer was "I eat bread", this was marked as incorrect with the correct translation being "I eat bread." ... really?


i hàve typó but in answer duolingo uses underline wirhout first showing my incorrrect answer.


How would I say "I eat some bread" ? (It is considered a wrong answer to the question).


1) I answered "I eat a sandwich" which was incorrect. However, "I eat the sandwich" would be correct? 2) bread = sandwich?!


"sandwich" is just a type of bread. "Sandwich" can't totally replace "bread". We have different words for them:

  • bread = "bánh mì" (or "bánh mỳ" - old-use)
  • sandwich = "bánh mì kẹp" (or "bánh mỳ kẹp") or you can use these loan words "xăng-uých", "xăng-đuých" or simply "sandwich" :)


I'm confused with the context of You and I


Vietnamese was my first language and I'm currently bored to the point where I want to be more proficient at my native language and I wrote down "I'm eating bread" but apparently that doesn't work; where did I go wrong?


You used 'I'M EATING bread', which is the present continuous tense. In Vietnamese, you add the word ĐANG before the main verb to mean the present continuous tense. For examples:

I EAT bread -> Tôi ĂN bánh mỳ/mì.

I AM EATING bread -> Tôi ĐANG ĂN bánh mỳ/mì.


I ăn bánh mì


Why are so many comments here down-voted? A lot of the comments here are helpful, I appreciate dd721411 tips you guys. Thank you

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