"The woman writes only one letter."

Translation:La femme écrit une seule lettre.

January 23, 2013



where did n'ecrit come from? what does that mean?

March 14, 2013


ne ---[verb] que = only, n'ecrit qu'une= writes only one

August 7, 2013


Same thing, I've never seen this kind of expression before...

March 15, 2013


The woman writes one single letter - seule lettre, that's what i got here. Otherwise ne que is used as the english "but one" or "but a single" in "She wrote but a single letter" in which the word "nothing" is excluded

February 1, 2014


Basically saying she is writing one lonely letter (a single letter). If you followed 'lettre' with 'seule' it would mean she's writing the letter by herself, alone. Can you say 'la femme ecrit une seule lettre seule?

March 5, 2013


Can someone tell me what is wrong with "La femme écrit une lettre seulement"?

January 23, 2013


That would mean "The woman writes a lonely letter." In this case, 'one letter' is quantitative and not qualitative. Being lonely is a quality, which is totally different than the quantity of 'one letter'. There could be many lonely letters!

January 24, 2013


What is wrong with, La femme ecit seulement une lettre?

And what is the difference or when should you use, seulement over seul since both mean, only?

August 5, 2013
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