"To jest duże zwierzę."

Translation:This is a big animal.

April 22, 2016

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Why zwierzę is not in the instrumental case here? It seems I missed something


The sentence starts with "to" When it happens, you can skip jest, and the object is in nominative.


Good, I take it that phrases with “to jest” are for some reason different than in “ty jestesz…”, where I need the instrumental, right? But what do you mean by “skip jest”? And where does this sentence have an object? I think in English one would call “big animal” a predicative noun or something like that.


"Skip jest" means it is optional, you don't need it you can skip putting it in the sentence altogether. So you use the rule for "to" instead.


This animal is big is wrong?


Yes, it's a different sentence with a different subject ('this animal' vs 'this').


Is "duże zwierzę" in this sentence an accusation form? So I reckon "duże" here is in its accusative form, is that correct? I think I confuse myself with the previous levels. So confused. (-_-")


If you have a construction "This is Y", Y just takes Nominative. Take a look here, part four: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167

(on a separate note, yeah, Accusative would be identical as "zwierzę" is neuter)


That's very comprehensive notes! I probably need to take a look of that before moving to other topics. Thank you very much!


I put ,,to jest duża zwierza" as my answer as that's what I heard in the example at normal speed. Slowing it down i can hear the "ę" sound a little better. It's come through as correct so I assume the difference is my answer would be specifically about a female animal whilst the "ę" answer would be inclusive of the male and neuter genders?


No, your answer should have been treated as a typo, the word for animal is "zwierzę" regardless of its gender.


So, in my native Serbian the word "dug" can mean "long" and the word "duże" means "longer". Is there a comparative in Polish (aka big, bigger, the biggest, etc.)? Dziękuję!


Yes, and for this particular word it's quite irregular: duże, większe, największe.


huh, that is strange. In Serbian it would be "Velik, veći, najveći" (sounds similar if you twist the pronunciation a bit). Thanks either way for the clarification.


Wrote "this is a huge animal" and it was incorret?


Well, "huge" is way more than just "big"... I'd translate it as "wielkie zwierzę".


Why does the d in duże soud like a b?


It sure shouldn't and I do not hear anything like that.

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