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An Old Language With a Growing Digital Fan Club

A nice article on Ozy.com about the Duolingo Esperanto community. Hey wait, that's us! :)

Article: An Old Language With a Growing Digital Fan Club

April 22, 2016



As mentioned before - a most intriguing language! Really enjoyed the Esperanto tree.


Malnova lingvo kun kreskanta digxitala fanklubo. -> cxu estas korekta?


Eble: "digxita" aux "cifera"


diĝitala -> cifereca

Other than that, great! :)




i'm struggling to see where the 'old' comes from in the title of the article. Did I miss something and Esperanto was based on an ancient language?


The editor strikes again!

If you look at the URL, it's says "the-new-language-with-a-growing-digital-fan-club"; my guess is that after the article was submitted, someone felt that "new" wasn't appropriate for the title and changed it.


I'm sure "old" was used because Esperanto is older than any human currently alive. Contrast this with other popular conlangs (constructed languages) like Klingon (and maybe even J. R. R. Tolkien's Elvish), which are quite a bit younger (as most conlangs tend to be these days).


Well, yes, old is a relative term, so you are correct. But it does not say an 'old' conlang, it says an old language, comparing it with all languages, which suggests that the author believes it should be counted equal to all languages or her English is a bit flakey and does not understand the use of 'old'.


Fantomius said it pretty good. Just like in English the context of what's being spoken about is taken into account. It's a constructed language of whom all the original speakers (From Zamenhoffs day) are all dead and it has been passed down to a new generation. All about context.


We're talking about a culture that identifies 'old' with anything outside of the past fifteen minutes.

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